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Trees mirrored in a little stream

This picture look like the idea of trees by a stream . In reality there are houses beyond. To see the uncut version se here. Taken with an analog camera.

Shadow play

This shadow decorated the Mood Walk that connected the local railway station with the central hall during the rebuilding of Malmö Centralstation in the autumn/winter of 2010. I participated in a photo contest… Continue reading

Crow at racing

Between the races at Jägersro the crow enjoyed his dinner: Horse manure. The picture is taken at the horse races at Jägersro, Malmö, Sweden April 17, 2011. More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep… Continue reading


More pictures on Scenic Sunday

Trees mirrored in a little stream

Weekend Reflections: Trees reflected in a little stream look heavenly. In reality there are houses beyond. If I had cut the picture only the idea of the trees by stream had remained. Taken with… Continue reading


Crossing Kungsgatan at Sankt Paul´s church in the early morning light I took this picture. It is taken in camera raw and I have a worked a little on it in Lightroom.

The Liebster Blog Award

Many thanks to John Pitts

Vintage Weekly: Opening of Öresundsbron – the bridge between Sweden and Denmark

This photograph is taken with an Olympus OM1 at the opening of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark on June 11 2000.  The picture is taken from the Swedish side from Lernacken. The… Continue reading

Autumn on the shores of river Nissan

Weekend Reflections: Autumn on the shore of river Nissan in Sweden in the beginning of the 21st century. Taken with an analog camera.

Utsikt / view

Bilder tagna från 13:e våningen på ett hotell i Umeå maj 2010.För fler bilder besök Fototriss. Pictures taken from the thirteenth floor at a hotel in Umeå in May 2010. More pictures at… Continue reading

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