The Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award

Many thanks to John Pitts on his blog Photo Talk Daily  who awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. I am happy to share the pictures I have taken of my part of the world. John has outstanding pictures on his blog, amongst others very impressive photographs of morning fog rising from the ground.

I really appreciate the recognition and will do my best to uphold its standards going forward.

Part of the tradition of the Liebster Blog Award is to select 5 blog awardees that I admire with fewer than 200 followers.

Here are my awardees for the Liebster Blog Award:

life to reset

This blog is from the other side of the world and shares interesting pictures and texts about Japan.

Vintage Weekly 

Before I discovered the photo memes my photography blogging had no direction. The memes both give ideas and inspiration for photographs I hadn´t thought about before. But this meme is about the old photography technique.  To Jane in Scotland for her meme Vintage Weekly with pre-digital images. I wish you luck with the venture!

Through Glass Eyes

I discovered Jaime Clark´s inventive photographs through the meme Shadow Shot Sunday

Med ögon känsliga för blått

Anni writes and takes great photographs.  She writes in swedish and english.

41 by Lucy Gutteridge

And  to Lucy Gutteridge in England who writes interestingly about her photography.

Many thanks to John for the recognition and look forward to reading more from him and the awardees above in the future.