ABC award



John at Photo Talk Daily nominated my blog for the ABC Award. I am happy that the content of my photo blog is appreciated around the world and I am now forwarding the honour to 10  other bloggers. It has been tough going through my photo blog links and choose from them. Luckily it is red-letter days here now as it is Easter so I had some time choosing.

The tradition of the Awesome Blog Content Award is to list 26 things about yourself using the alphabet and to choose 10 blog awardees that you admire for their content.

Here are my awardees for the ABC Award:

To so far reaching with pictures from Japan

To the other side of the earth, to Norway and gorgeous pictures – Et lite ØYEBLIKK

To Singapore and Olivia Griselda at  It Shall be Remembered

Tanya Jessica Smith

Long time spent

Back to Japan  at Japan in 365 days

Another urban explorer – Pieces of me and sundry things

Climbing Bum

midas in reverse – for thoughtful essays and poems

My favourite meme that gave my blog its content: Hedwig on  Veckans hus that publishes a architecture-related theme each fortnight. I learnt a lot and it also gave my blog its urban architecture content.

26 things about me using the alphabet

Always carry a camera or several of them


Canon ftb

Detective stories

Enjoys old documents

Fantasy stories – especially dragons

Good at research

Horses are beautiful

Instamatic was my first camera ever

Jazzed about photography (borrowed from John)

Kodak cameras and  films

Love to fly

Museums are exciting places

Nikon user

Olympus OM1 was my companion for many years

Photography of course

Quote collector

Reading addicted

Snapping photos everywhere

Tourist in my own town


Very patient

Xtra many thanks to John at Photo Talk Daily for the award

Yashica was my first real camera

Z is for dreams to come true

Thanks to John for the photos he publishes at Photo Talk Daily and for the award.

And a Happy Easter to all!