Miniatyrhus: Ebbas hus / Miniature houses: Ebba´s house

In the middle of old Malmö there is a little house, a miniature house in full size. It is from the 1800th century. It was donated by Ebba Hansson, the latest inhabitant in the house. The house was originally bought by Ebbas grandfather Jöns Olsson in 1873.  In 1911 Ebba, her brother Ture and their parents Olof and Anna Olsson moved into the house. Ebba returned to the house when her father became ill in the 1920s and lived in the house until 1982 or 1983. The house has cold water and  electric light that was installed by Ebba´s father but no radiators and an outdoor toilet. There used to be small trucks in town collecting the toilet barrels. In 1990 Ebba´s house was opened as a museum.

Ebba herself moved to a modern apartment and died in 1989 90 years old.

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Mitt i Malmö, vid Caroli City ligger Ebbas hus, ett litet gathus från 1700-talet, där rummen är två fönster breda. Ett miniaturhus fast i full skala. Mer om Ebba och hennes hus kan man läsa på Malmö stad. I en artikel från Helsingborg Dagblad finns mera om Ebba och hennes familj.

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