The World Through Your Eyes

The future is hereWhen I came to Stanstead for the first time it felt quite surrealistic in the little automatic train between the gates and the main building hearing the announcements in several languages of the world. Here the little train is nearing the station for the gates.

I have read through what  Ming Thien wrote about to observe the scene first.  I do agree but it is not always possible. If you don´t have the camera ready and handy you miss the opportunity of an unique picture. When I went to photography school in the beginning of the seventies we learnt that you shoot a lot of pictures and choose the best. And today you don´t need to be careful to not waste the film as you did then. But it helps to know the layout of things. You get ideas afterwards sometimes. And if you go back and the situation is a recurring one you can get new pictures.

 The Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes