Train station below Kastrup Airport

DSC_0628Our World Tuesday: The train station below Kastrup Airport, Denmark, waiting for the train to Sweden. It is ten minutes to the nearest train station on the Swedish side. Kastrup is a big airport situated in Copenhagen by Denmark’s eastern coast, that is the coast of Själland that is one of the many islands that make up the kingdom of Denmark. In Sweden there is a smaller airport in the middle of the most southern county. It is called Malmö Airport even though it lies close to Sturup. In the 1970s Bulltofta, the airport in Malmö, was closed down and the airport by Sturup was built. Bulltofta was a safe haven for allied planes during the World War II and allied flyers are buried in Malmö, as well as in the rest of the county. I have mainly flewn from Sturup when I have flewn north to Stockholm that is the capital of Sweden. Not many international flights take off from Sturup, so many from southern Sweden travel over the bridge by train or by bus to catch international flights from Kastrup. The bridge is a combined road and railway bridge, with the road on the top and the railway under the road. The last part to Denmark is a tunnel.