From stormy Sweden to mild Japan

The weather the last ten Days!

Weekly Weather

Last week started with a storm and the day after there was quite lot of trees fallen. When I went to the bus stop I saw that one of the high trees in the crossing was broken. Happy I wasn´t there when it happened. On thursday I went to Japan  so this posting is about weather in four countries. When I went to Kastrup, Denmark it was an ordinary overcast november morning and the weather was the same in Finland where I landed for a brief stop in the afternoon. During the night the plane flew eastwards over Russia towards morning where we were met by a glimpse of Mount Fuji in the distance. The weather in Nagoya, Japan, was considerably warmer during the daytime and my winter coat was too warm. Circa twenty degrees Celsius during the day and circa ten degrees during the night. The weather changed between clear, overcast and rainy and…

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