Sleep little willow

IMG_3241It is an unusually warm winter and the willows have got little soft catkins. In Sweden there is a lullaby by Zacharias Topelius that asks the little willow to sleep until spring. Zacharias Topelius (1818 – 1898) was a finnish author writing in swedish. I have translated the text of the first verse below the Swedish text.

Sov, du lilla vide ung,
än så är det vinter,
än så sova björk och ljung,
ros och hyacinter.
Än så är det långt till vår,
innan rönn i blomma står,
sov, du lilla vide,
än så är det vinter.

Sleep, little willow, 
it is still winter,
birch and heather,
roses and hyacinths still sleep.
It's a long way to spring,
before rowan in flower stands,
sleep little willow, 
it is still winter.

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