DSC_7367Villstad church is the parish church in Villstad, Sweden. The first Villstad church is mentioned in a will from 1268. The church has been changed and rebuilt through the years. In 1910 the church was hit by ligthning and burnt down. It was rebuilt on what remained of the walls in 1800th century style and was finished in september 1912. The new church was inaugurated on 10th of August 1913. My grandparents were married in this church in 1921 and I have attended funerals and a wedding in this church. It lies close to the road hidden by trees in a natural reserve and there is a newer parish church built in 1964 in  the closest village. As I live quite far away this was the first time for many years I visited the church. More pictures on  Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic.

Update 2014-07-13: Please have a look at the church stables at Villstad Church as well.