Introduction to blogging 101

I started this blog sometime in 2010. At first I did not really know what to do with it. I uploaded a few pictures but did not find a common red thread to follow for the blog. But then I discovered the photo memes on internet and suddenly a red thread appeared in my blogging. After a while I discovered the title for my blog “From My Horizon”. And from there it has rolled on. And as time went by I started “daughter blogs” for old scanned photographs, birds and a weather blog. I reblog my postings on these blogs on this blog that I consider my main blog but would like some other solutions to that. I have also made two mirrored project sites with scanned photographs as an examination project at a university. The project sites are identical only one is in Swedish and the other one is in English. Links to all these site can be found at the bottom of the page in the black field.

I am also interested in miniatures but my miniatures sites are sleeping for the time being. And when I find a sentence worth some thought from my reading I publish a quote now and then on my two quotations blogs, one for the Swedish language and one for the English language. Links at the bottom of the page in the black field.

As to why I am blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal? Well, I find it is more fun to share my photographs with the world rather than have them hidden in physical and digital cupboards. And as always I chose which pictures to publish. The pictures on  this blog I consider interesting for other people and the pictures are pictures I want to share publicly.

My favourite topic on this blog are portraits of the environment through which I move.  I share photographs of the world as it is, sometimes I edit the pictures in different ways, but try to state when they differ from the reality I try to show. But I count that as poetic license to sometimes change the picture in a way I like. I also try to give a little background to the pictures, the history of the subject pictured, a little cultural information and anything else that comes into my mind connected to the picture. I usually keep it rather short and give links to more information about the subject.

Who do I want to connect with?  I would love to think that people interested in the history of places and things and how they look today are interested in my blog. Photo lovers generally as well. And those that are interested in how it looks in my corner of the world and the places I visit. And I photograph famous things and places on occasion but I also  want to showcase the ordinary life. I have for several years brought my camera with me on my daily travel to and from work and caught the changing mood of the city I live in.

What do I hope to have accomplished if I blog through this year? I hope to continue publish a few posts a week on my picture blogs and I hope to take up the blogging on my miniature blogs again. Right now I am in a period of evaluating things, going through my stash of pictures, both digital pictures and physical pictures which I hope to scan, as well as wanting to do more with my miniature hobby again.

Öresundsbron, the bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark.

Öresundsbron, the bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark.