Blogging 101: Say Your Name

When I started this blog sometime in 2010 I seriously didn´t know what to call it so I registered it as Christina´s Pictures and that is why the url is like it is. Not very original but as I said yesterday I didn´t know what I was going to do with it other than putting some pictures on it. No direction or idea at all beyond showing pictures. Then I discovered the photo memes of different kinds. Some give a word as inspiration for the theme. Some are about macro, flowers, the sky, our world, shadows, reflections and so. One of the first memes I discovered was Fototriss, a Swedish meme, in which you take three pictures on the theme and show them on your blog. One other meme that really got me hooked was a meme about architectural details that suited me with my interest for history and environment perfectly. It is sadly not longer in existence. But these two memes gave my blogging a direction and it evolved from there. Thus the name popped into existence. My take on pictures are of course from where I am in the physical reality and thus the name “From My Horizon” came along. The tagline also came along as photography is about light. No light means no photography even in our digital time. If no light reaches the sensor there is no picture. Thus the tagline reads “It is all about light”.

I am pleased with the name and the tagline and hope it gives an idea what the blog is about. Of course the photos are from places I have visited at some time. Sometimes they are quite old as the pictures from the 1960s or the 1970s but some are taken the same day I show them here. The picture below is from Japan that I visited twice during 2013 as I very much wanted to visit my son who still lived in Japan at the time. I never dreamt that I would travel to the other side of the earth but there I was. The place is a playground in Nagoya in Japan by the entrance to a metro station. To me the playground looks very much as the playground does in The Western Harbour in my hometown of Malmö in Sweden. It is both alike and very different in the same time. And I made two wonderful visit to Japan during 2013.