We will meet by the cat

DSC_0308 Inspired by girlexpat I digged into my digital picture shoe box for memories from my visits to Nagoya. This was on my third day in Nagoya and in Japan. Vi had fetched my daughter who arrived from Tokyo where she landed from England one day before I came to Nagoya. We met her by one of the clocks on the station. I don´t remember which one but I understood there often were confusion about these clocks at the station. One is silver and one is gold so you have to specify which clock you will meet at. And as I understood it the Japanese words for silver and gold are very like each other. For my posting about the clocks at Nagoya station look here.

This big cat on the shopping street close to the Osu Kannon Temple is another meeting point in Nagoya. The cat is a good luck charm and is named Maneki Neko.

Many thanks to girlexpat that made me remember one of my great days in Nagoya with her post I Just Can’t Get Enough “The Holidays”