Sunshine and spring is in the air

IMG_4417-2In these gloomy days in the middle of January we perhaps shall enlighten ourselves with a picture of the spring that will come, I hope. The picture is from early spring along Kungsgatan, the boulevard inspired by Avenue des Champs-Élysées in eastern Malmö, Sweden.

The boulevard was built in the late 1900s and the houses in the area were bourgeoisie apartments. In the attics and in the houses in the inner yards the poorer people and the servants lived.

In those days every town worth it’s name should have a boulevard, nowadays every town wants to have an area with lots of big glass fronted buildings and skyscrapers, like the western harbour and the Turning Torso in Malmö.

Times they change but the need to look modern and fashionable remains. But I still hope for an early spring and an ending of gloomy and dark days.