Tramway of roses

Weekly Weather

Linnégatan in Limhamn, Malmö. Linnégatan in Limhamn, Malmö.

It is still gray weather with sleet on Tuesday and Wednesday that quickly disappeared except in the shadows. On Saturday it snowed and there is still a very thin and spotty cover on the ground with frosty walkways and roads when I write this on sunday night.

The witch hazel and the winter aconite is in flower and there are buds on the Christmas rose.

The picture above is from Linnégatan in Limhamn in southwest Malmö. The carpets in the middle of the street are winter cover for roses. Once upon a time (not that long ago) there was a tramway running in the middle of the street from the beach to the middle of the city. It was called the tramway of roses and was demolished in 1973. The roses are still three as a memory of the tramway and still divide the driving lanes.

When I was young and went…

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