Window into the world

A window in the White Tower of London.

A window in the White Tower of London.

I photographed this window in the White Tower of London at the end of april 2014 when I visited London with my daughter.

The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror from Normandie. Did William gaze through  this window? And how many people have looked through the window in these thousand years? What were their thoughts of their world?

We don´t know, the only reliable thing that remains are these stones. And whatever written testimony that has happened to be preserved.

But what evidence have disappeared through the centuries? Not everything is written down.

And who decides what shall remain and become what we call history? I may well be that the true story is something else than the official history. I have read somewhere that every time redefines history to suit the time they live in. And thus there is no objective history.

Today we gaze at the world through the window of our computers. We look at pictures taken by people or read stories written by people on the other side of the world, of scenery that could be both very familiar to us from the same place in the world as you are yourself or of  scenery that looks very foreign to you. When I was a child there were a lot of books written by explorers in foreign and exciting countries. But it wasn´t for everybody.

Nowadays the world is shown not only by the travellers but also by the people that inhabit the different worlds on the planet. And what is experienced by the traveller may very well be totally different than what the local people experience. We all tell our story of the world.

What will remain of all the pictures and the stories on Internet? We all know that information stored in the digital world is easily destroyed. We have all been subject to crashed hard drives and computers. And the information on the old floppy disk is not easily accessible today. You have to have a computer with the ability to read a floppy disk and the programs suitable for the old file formats to see it as it was created only twenty or less years ago.

What will people in the future know about us? Will there be a great hole in the knowledge of history due to lack of physical evidence? And what conclusion will the people of the future make about us?