My home is where my boots are


When I started to think about the theme home for the first posting on WordPress University course Photo 101 my thoughts ran in several directions. Amongst other ideas were the places where I used to live and the places where my parents came from. Other ideas were representations of home like things and the windows of your home representing the safety of home. In the end I chose a picture from the train station where my long distance journeys usually start and ends, Hyllie Station.

The concept or idea of home is maybe something not easily illustrated. The feeling you get of safety and relief when coming close to home. The sight of familiar viewpoints in the landscape, the sight of your windows, the relief you feel entering your home, taking off your shoes and the feel of your own bed.

My mind couldn´t quite leave the thoughts about the theme, especially  the thought of something I had read somewhere, that your home is where you put your boots. I have searched my stash of quotes but can´t find which book I read it in. I have a feeling that it is either Terry Pratchet or Jim Butcher that has said it in one of their books. So I decided to try to illustrate this thought with a second picture.

So this is my second take on the theme today. I tried to get a good picture of my boots in the hall but gave up on that idea as the light is too bad without a flash or other easily moved lighting sources. I seldom take flash pictures, I would like to get a loose flash but I probably wouldn´t use it too much even if I had it. So in the end my solution was to take a picture of my feet wearing my boots on the stairs to the house just outside the door to my home.