Close to home - Hyllie Station

Close to home – Hyllie Station

First day on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is home. Where is home – the clapboard villa in a tiny village 10 kilometres from the coast where I lived for a few years as a tiny child or the town where I have lived in almost all my life? The picture above is from Hyllie Station – one of the places I go to when I leave town for longer journeys or arrive back to from far away. So the sight of this view either means I am on my way from home or nearing home.

Hyllie Station is fairly new and the area is under development. To the left in the picture is a big shopping mall and to the right you can see a glimpse of Malmö Arena where the European Song Contest took place in 2013. Outside the picture to the right is the disc that covers the station that is a big ditch dug in the ground. Not a place to spend long amounts of time in as the wind is piercing and cold during the winter with only tiny glass huts to take cover in. Still arriving here means I am close to home. The picture is taken a few weeks ago when I left for a daytrip north.

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