Solitude in the fog


Alone in the fog.

Fifth day on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is Solitude & The rule of thirds. I am standing at the top of a hill in the fog and I feel totally alone in the world. I know there is a small town beneath me and now and then I hear and see the sight of running horses on the hill. The place is Newmarket in England.  When the fog lifts I see horses on their way to and from the training ground.


The fog is lifting

On the rule of thirds: The first picture can be divided in three section along the horizontal line, maybe I am stretching it here but nevertheless. The second picture was one I thought of immediately and searched my fog photographs from that occasion. The railings more or less follow the grid in my editing program when the setting is for the rule of thirds. And the horses almost seems like an afterthought. A very lucky shot, I saw them, bent down to see if I could catch the scene and it turned out very good.