Stork baby


Ninth day on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is Warmth & Quality of Light. This baby stork raised by the Swedish association to restore the storks to Sweden was ringed on a very warm and sunny summer day. The ringer plucked the stork babies from the big aviary where they were being raised to show how they were ringed in a show nest filled with golden straw. Stork babies pretend to be dead when they feel in danger. But the danger was soon over for this little guy and he was returned to his parents together with his siblings. It was a beautiful sight to see on a very warm and sunny day at the end of June and the thought of seeing storks in Sweden warmed my heart. Pictures from this day can be found on one of my other blogs, Weekly Weather, here. To see the young storks being realeased one month later on another warm and sunny day look here.