A Pop of Color

DSC_0156Day eleven on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is A pop of color. At first I thought this was giant graffiti but it is a part of the Osu Kannon Temple in Nagoya. Or more correctly the paintings act as a backdrop to the temple. The demon also stand guard as statues by the temple entrance. To see one of them look here.

About the assignment and color: The main color in the picture that draws the attention of the viewer is a clear red. Clear and bright colors are especially suited to draw attention to them as experienced by every parent. Toys are mostly in clear primary colors. Without the giant mural in clear colors this wall would have been a rather mundane and dull building. When I first entered the temple ground this view caught my attention immediately. The main red color is contrasted with a blue background on the brick colored wall accented with white, black and a little yellow.