Architecture on the south bank of London


Day tvelwe on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is Architecture & Monochrome. This glass covered building stands along the south bank of London.

About todays assignment: I would recommend to always shoot the picture in color to retain as much information in the picture as possible. You can always convert a picture to monochrome but you can never get the color into the picture if you have chosen to take the picture in black and white in the camera. Yes you could of course color it in photoshop by a laborious procedure if you like. I have a portrait taken in black and white taken when my first school year ended and my mother had sewn a very pretty pink dress for me. It was taken by a famous local photographer and it is handcolored quite beautifully by an expert retoucher. So if you want to you could spend hours and days doing that. And some do it for the fun of making modern pictures look old.