Korankei in Japan

Third weekend and the theme is Hone Your Camera Eye. I don´t have the opportunity to make an photo excursion to photograph this weekend so I have instead made an excursion in my stash of pictures and inventoried pictures I took on a memorable trip to Korankei valley in eastern Japan in the autumn of 2013. The valley is famous for its beautiful colors during the autumn. The center and origin of the beautiful seasonal colors is the existence of a zen temple built in 1427. The monks planted trees around the temple with beautiful seasonal colors. There are also market stalls in the autumn by the bridge and the trees and the river are illuminated in the evening. We were there in the beginning of November and the colors were not at their maximum yet but it was still a wonderful place to visit.

The gallery contains 19 pictures and it takes less than a minute to take a four hour walk but if you are in a hurry you can take a quick look at the three picture post I made last summer on Korankei as a part of the picture challenge Fototriss.

To take a walk through Korankei click on the gallery and follow the picture trail!

More information about Korankei and Kojakuji temple .

I usually try to look out for motives in a scene but of course that depends on the time one can spend on a site. Luckily my travelling companions this day were of the patient sort that allowed me to dally along the way. But as I usually take a lot of pictures the pictures in my digital archive don´t get sorted directly. On this occasion I took pictures of the flowers and plants in the valley but the light was very bad under the trees so they turned out blurry. I try to delete the obvious shaky and blurred pictures immediately, well knowing that if I don’t do that it will clutter up the archive. And I am going through the pictures now and then to delete those that I didn´t had the energy to delete when I downloaded the pictures to the harddrive I use to store them on. Some pictures may be good even if they are a little shaky and those are the hardest to decide about. Pictures of unique events stays.

I didn´t see any birds during the afternoon in the valley. That doesn´t mean that they aren’t there, only that I didn’t see them. As you can see in the gallery I photographed a board showing the birds in the valley. I often or most of the time photograph boards with information when I see one as there may be information on it that can be used for tagging a picture in my editing program (Lightroom) or on the blog. The information can also be used when telling the story about the picture. The photography of the boards may not be great pictures but they are a help to remember facts or fiction about the subject photographed. And sometimes I take pictures of street signs even in my own hometown to try and set the location of the picture for later reference. And of course I don´t know all the names of the streets where I live. I know the name of my own street and the major streets in town and streets I have had business to learn. So this could be a good practice to get into.
On this trip to Japan I travelled without a computer, only carrying a hard drive as I relied on borrowed computers to download the pictures to the harddrive and didn´t have access to any editing program. So this is as good a time as ever to make an inventory of the pictures I took on that beautiful day.