Muted sun

Weekly Weather


Last week in March and it has with  been a grey week with a muted sun when it shows. The pictures this week are taken in Limhamn, that is a part of Malmö that originally was a municipality of its own before it was incorporated in Malmö in the beginning of the twentieth century. Limhamn means Limeharbour. The “lim” is the same word as the English word “lime” and Limhamn is home to the lime quarry owned by Skånska cementfabriken, internationally known as Skanska. They also had a concrete factory in Limhamn.

Limhamn was also a fisher village. The picture above is from the main street through Limhamn, Linnégatan. To the right in the picture there is a yellow house that housed the telephone exchange when I was a child. I looked up and there is a weather vane on the top of it that shows the year 1928 and the symbol for the then state telephone company, a…

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