The End of Photo 101

To see the pictures in bigger size click on the gallery and read the information in the caption to the pictures.

Last weekend and Photography 101 is at an end. I have made my choice of my favorites I choose to publish during the course above. I am not quite sure what this says about me. I already know that I am fond of “Kodak colors”. I have a tendency the make color brighter in my editing and try to hold that back. I love to take photographs in bad light. As a consequence of that I always come home with a lot of blurry pictures along with some gems. I don´t carry a stand as I travel by foot or by bus or train, it is not easy with a tripod then, so I take my chances and hope to keep my hands still.

I have also taken the opportunity to review and think about the pictures in my archive. I take a lot of pictures, When I come home I upload them to my loose hard drive and pick the best or those that stand out in some way. I try to delete the obvious of the shaky and blurred ones but this practice leaves a lot of pictures behind, both those that are good and those that are unusable. Many of the goodies I have published on this course are pictures that I had in my archive all along. And this reviewing and evaluating pictures is also a necessary step in the art of photography.

Well that is that. To all of you out there all the best and a happy weekend!