Weekly Weather

DSC_6549 Small street in old Limhamn close to the old beach line with fisher cottages.

The street and sky scenes this week are from Limhamn in the southwest of Malmö and Kirseberg in the east of Malmö, on the opposite sides of town.

Limhamn was a fishing village and later a municipality of its own before it was incorporated in Malmö. The yellow “double house” (parhus) on the right side of the street still has two entrances and one can see by the arrangement of the windows that there were two parts to the house for two families.  Further along the street is a house in typical grey brick that probably also have been a “parhus”.  Some of these houses are today converted to one family houses. And many of the fishers of Limhamn lived in these houses. On my way home I passed another “parhus” still divided in two apartments where one clearly can see the original…

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