Weekly Weather

DSC_0044 Quite good weather though windy in Malmö.

It is summer even though it feels like October on some days. My week started with fairly good weather in Malmö and continued in Borås with a daytrip to Mölndal just south of Gothenburg. And that day trip was very windy and cold. At the end of the week I had an errand to Varberg on the first real warm summer day this year. Varberg was full of students taking their exams. In Sweden they wear a white cap with a black stand when they take “studenten”. “Studenten” is the exam taken at 19 years of age and gives access to university. Today is Saturday and the 6th of June and the swedish national day and it has been a mix of light rain and sun. I took a long walk in Borås zoo enjoying the animals and saw a giraffe intent on licking…

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