My muse – pictures of the city


My muse is taking portraits of the city I live in or the places I visit. Those that have followed this blog for a while know I have a lot of pictures of the city of Malmö in Sweden where I have lived almost all my life. For almost three years I worked in a part of the city that has an Parisian air and as I always take my camera with me on my way to and from work I photographed a lot of pictures from that part of town. To see a particular favourite spot of mine please have a look at my pictures of Kungsgatan.

I don´t know quite yet what will be my favourite spots in the small town I recently moved to. I will be staying for eight months and hope to have a good collection when I come home again.

The small town of Borås in western Sweden lies inland of Gothenburg and was famous for its textile industries and its wandering businessmen, knallarna. Knallarna travelled though the land and sold textiles and other small things, both in the cities and in the rural areas. Some travelled on wagons but other walked. Nowadays there are still head offices for textile industries in Borås but most of the production have moved elsewhere. Borås used to have a librarian college but nowadays the college have added more subjects to their agenda.

In later years Borås has hosted statue biennials and mural painting happenings and is filled with interesting public art. Maybe this will be my muse for the time I live in Borås. And as usual I take pictures on my way to and from places I go.

The picture above is taken on Stora Brogatan in Borås leading to the bridge over the river Viskan.

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