No limits or no boundaries

November 14 2015 will be the Archive´s day in the Nordic countries and I pondered  Gränslöst or limitless that is the theme for “Archive´s day” for this year for a long while and used Google translate to find the English words for the Swedish word “gränslös(t)” that is the theme for this year for the “Archives Day” in the Nordic Countries and found the following words.

  • boundless, unbounded, limitless, illimitable, borderless, infinite, immeasurable, landless.

Of course No Limit Borås came to my mind immediately. Borås has hosted a street art festival for the second year in a row. To see a collection of the murals please have look at the slideshow below.

Borås is a city founded on a marketplace and grew with the establishment of the textile industry. In the beginning the manufacturers paid people to spin yarn and weave at home and sew as well. The home sewing business was also spread over the borders into Småland, the neighbouring county where my grandmother lived. She was a seamstress and sew dresses in her home for a clothing company. Unfortunately I don´t know which company any more but I saw the label on one of the dresses she had made when I was young but didn´t think that it was something I should remember. Those companies were usually situated in Borås.

The city of Borås is also limited in geography by the ridges that surround the city. That said I got the explanation that the houses was built in the valleys and that means the city is a widespread city with a lot of nature between it´s different parts. That means it isn´t easy to move between the different parts of the city. One could say the city has the form of an irregular star with woods and hills between the different town parts.

Update: 2015-10-05: I told the colleague that told me about the geography of Borås about this posting and he reminded me that Borås is also shaped by the river. Borås came into existence at a bend in the river Viskan and was fenced on the fourth side. Borås city center is still at this bend.

As usual my experience of the city is limited by the streets I walk and the route I travel to and from my work or other errands I make. To see a few pictures form my explorations look at the slideshow below.

I´m sorry to say that only Norway shares information about “Archive´s day” in English. But please have a look at Icelands contribution even if it is in Icelandic. I used google translate and the story is fascinating and the pictures are touching.

  • Iceland shares pictures and a story about immigrants from Iceland to Canada in Icelandic here. Please look because the pictures are very interesting of  a family that emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. I think the contribution is from “Archive´s day 2014” but it is still interesting.
  • In Norway there are information in English here and in Norwegian here.
  • You can find information about the “Archives Day” in Sweden  here.
  • Finland shares the information in Finnish and Swedish here.
  • Denmark shares information in Danish here
  • Information of activities on “International Archives Day” that took place on June 9 2015 on in other countries around the world can be found here.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”