Rosy dawns and autumn colors

Weekly Weather

DSC_0034 The usual view of the accumulator tank when I pass by in the morning.

It has been a week of rosy dawns. The weather is clear and dry but it is getting chillier and it is dark and dawn is approaching when I go to work. It is still light when I go home in the afternoon except when I went home later than usual on Thursday night. As this has been a weekend spent in Borås we went to have a look at Borås zoo, a 15 minute walk. As you can see from the pictures the nature shows her autumn colors and we have found fungus growing in the grass by the wayside. Onr of them is edible but don´t know anything about the other but we didn´t pick any fungus.

The pictures are from Borås in western Sweden.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and on Skywatch

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