I also have a blog that follows the turn of the year and the weather from day to day. Please have a look!

Weekly Weather

Ackumulatortank early mpnday morning. Ackumulatortank early monday morning.

It is dark in the mornings when I go to work as the sun rises at circa 07.30 in the morning and I usually go to work to be there sometime between seven and half past seven, which means I go to work during the blue hour. When I can´t sleep I go to work as early as I can get into the building and that happened on Monday morning.

It is still light when I go home between four and five in the afternoon. Sunset is about six o´clock. It will be getting darker and darker until Christmas then the year will turn and the days be be longer again.

The weather has been mostly clear and dry during the days, rain in the evening and nights. On Wednesday I saw frost on the parked cars so it is getting colder as well.

The pictures…

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