Lights in darkness

Please have a look at all the pictures on my weather blog. Only a few of the pictures show up when I reblog on my main blog. Happy weekend!

Weekly Weather

It is dark when I step out of the door. It is dark when I step out of the door in the morning in Borås.

It is dark when I go out in the morning and it is dark when I go home in the afternoon so my pictures are dark. Last week I saw that the accumulator tank was lit in the colors of the French flag on monday morning to honor the victims in Paris. It has been a grey week  with rain on and off and on Friday I went to Malmö for the first time after the police have started the new border control. I saw the police on the platform where the trains from Denmark stops before moving on for Triangeln and Malmö Central. On my way back to Borås I went to Malmö Central as I got a text from the railway operator that the trains could be delayed due to the new border controls. So I…

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