Dark and rainy

Please have a look a my pictures on Weekly Weather. Remember that there are more pictures on weekly weather. I wish you all a nice week!

Weekly Weather

Dark in the morning when I go to work. Dark in the morning when I go to work.

It is a bit repetitive saying it is dark when I go out in the morning and it is dark when I go home in the afternoon but that is how it is. On Saturday I went exploring mostly because I had to kill some time waiting for my smart phone screen to be replaced. I had been thinking all week I wanted to get on Rya ridges to see a view over Borås but felt too tired on Saturday morning. But whenit turned out that I got an hour to kill I decided to walk a bit up on the ridge and managed to get a look out over Borås a little obscured by trees before returning. There are viewing points further up but didn´t feel up to it.  So I finally got the see a piece of Rya ridges.

The weather has been rainy…

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