The week before Christmas

Please have a look at Weekly weather to see the Christmas goat and the big outdoor christmas candles. Se you there!

Weekly Weather

Ice on Monday morning in Borås. Ice on Monday morning in Borås.

When I arrived at Borås sunday night it was a bit cold in the air and on the morning when I went to work I found ice on the small water pools. On my way home in the afternoon I went hunting for the candle light holder I read that the pupils in the electrical class at Viskastrandsgymnasiet had built and found it and a lighted Christmas goat as well.

The weather has been around zero during the first half of the week and this means it has been a bit slippery to walk some mornings as the water on the streets freeze. Sun during the day though at least now and then. On Friday it rained and it was very dark during the few daylight hours. We are down to six hours of daylight a day but next week the year will turn…

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