Mural in Borås, Sweden

DSC_4516Borås in western Sweden is filled with big murals, here is a mural painted by several of the artist that participated in No Limit in 2014 on one of the pillars to the bridge across Viskan at the start of the event. As you can see it is not easy to photograph and I have photographed it in three parts. I hope you will be able to connect the parts.  DSC_4519

I am at the end of the murals of Borås. I have taken one more good picture of a mural in a tunnel that I was unable to show a good picture of the interior before. It will come next weekend. I have some other pictures of murals and graffiti I found elsewhere but now I have to find other places with murals to photograph. And I will be leaving Borås at the end of the week to come but I hope to be able to come back to Borås to see the murals that will be painted during the event No Limit Borås that is planned for 2017.

Happy weekend!

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