Good bye, Borås

Good bye Borås! Please, remember that there are many more pictures on Weekly Weather!

Weekly Weather

DSC_4618 Snow at Sagavallen in Borås on sunday.

It is the end of january and I am going home after my eight month long stay in Borås. The snow that was there on sunday started to melt during the night to monday. Monday was foggy and a bit slippery as it takes some time to melt snow. The snow has melted more and more day by day and on Friday morning only a large heap of snow was left to melt. It has also been foggy and I read an explanation for that on a media site that when the snow melts the air can´t absorb all the humidity and the unabsorbed water turn into fog.

On Wednesday I returned to Malmö by train only to go back the next day in a lorry driven by my son to help me move my stuff from Borås as my eight month work…

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