Painting by the building of Länsimetro in Helsinki

DSC_3713Visiting Helsinki in Finland during Christmas week I came across this painting on a board fencing the project that is going to be a metro station on Lauttasaari or Drumsö as the Swedish name for the island is. I am not sure if it is the building company that has allowed people to paint on their boards or if it is painted at an earlier occasion as it seems to be a bit skewed. I found more painted boards a block away. As sometimes is the case when you want to document something it wasn´t easy to find a good place to take the photo from.

More pictures on Monday Murals.

Update 2016-02-27: I would like to thank “frankaboutart” for the information he provided in a comment below on my other  posting about the art on these boardings that are put up at several of the construction sites where the stations for the subway in western Helsinki are built.  The subway extension will open in August 2016. The images are by four artists Juho Hellsten, Hans-Peter Schütt, Janne Siltanen and Timo Vaittinen. Linkt to the project in Finnish and links to some of the artists’ websites here: I haven´t yet found out who has painted what on the boards above as I can´t read finnish. I also would have liked to see more of the places where the stations are built but probably won´t return to Helsinki in time to see the rest of them.