Spring is coming, I hope

Please have a look at Weekly Weather, there are usually more pictures here than on the reblog on From My Horizon. I wish you all a good week!

Weekly Weather

Monday morning. Monday morning.

No snow this week but a full moon in the beginning of the week. A bit windy when I made a trip to the Western Harbour on my lunch on tuesday. I passed the old wharf area where Kockums used to build boats and saw a peculiar tower that was buildt as a bomb shelter probably at the beginning of the war in 1940. I never knew of its existence until a few years back when I saw a glimpse when I passed. It is the only one in Sweden and was built by the wharf but couldn´t in any way harbour all the workers on Kockums as only 100 person could go inside. The design is german and is called ” Spitzbunker” or “Winkeltürme” after is designer Leo Winkel.  It is situated by the oldest dock in Malmö, built on landfill in 1857.

I have seen the…

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