DSC_6097-2I am an observer and often see things other people miss. But sometimes I think we rather blind to our environment and don´t notice the ongoing changes in it. I don´t exactly love everything about my city but I am very interested in how it looks and its history. I have both good and bad memories from living here as I suppose most people have anywhere they live. After all the city has seen both good and bad times for a lot of people. The picture above shows some of the most notable changes in my city, the area between the canal and the Western Harbour where a lot of a skyscrapers are being built. Some parts of the city I love the sight of but other parts I document because it is there. I am also wondering how these buildings will age and come to think about the little book “Boring postcards” (Tråkiga vykort) I wrote about on Weekly Weather last year. To see that post look here.

This picture is taken by Malmö Central station in Sweden. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: One Love