Frans Suell looks out on the world

DSC_7373I live in a town by the entrance to the Baltic Sea. Once it was controlled by Denmark and all ships entering the strait of Öresund paid toll to the Danish state. In the 18th century Malmö was Swedish and Frans Suell stands as a statue by Malmö Harbour, the harbour he created in collaboration with other businessmen. He was a tobacco industralist that grabbed the opportunity to import tobacco directly from North America when the American revolution came along. Nowadays Frans Suell looks out on the old harbour office from the beginning of the 20th century (nowadays inhabited by the World Maritime University) and the recently built Malmö Live (the three buildings in the middle of the picture) and an emerging skyscraper town.

Where I am in the world and my perspective on the world that originates in Malmö is also reflected in the name of my blog. I show pictures from my horizon which centers on my hometown Malmö. In response to The Daily Post’s discover challenge: Perspective.