Memory of a wonderful day watching the Sakura bloom in april of 2013

DSC_0439In the beginning of april 2013 I started on the longest journey of my life until that day. I went to Japan to visit my son that was living there at the time. I arrived just in time to catch the end of the Sakura seasons and my first meeting with Japan was the walk we made along Yamazaki river the day after I arrived. it was a truly wonderful experience. The picture is from this day. What doesn´t show in this picture is that there were many people promenading along the river to enjoy the Sakura in bloom. I returned a second time in the beginning of november and walked along the canal then as well but then the people had abandoned the canal until next Sakura season and the birds, the turtles and the koi enjoyed the canal in peace. In response to The Daily Post’s discover challenge: Memory