A little exploring

Weekly Weather

Beautiful flowers in the morning Beautiful flowers in the morning

This week has been rather good with several sunny days. Temperatures are still a bit low around 10 degrees Celsius but spring is coming forward.

This week I went exploring. One tend to forget to explore the city one live in and take it as given. I read in the media that Pippi Longstocking´s parrot lived in the terrarium in Folkets Park. He is going to move to Germany due to Swedish regulations to have a bigger cage. His name is Douglas aka Rosalinda in the film from 1970 and is now 49 years old and live with another 50 year old bird named Gojan (Short for Papegoja, the Swedish word for parrot). I wish these oldies a good life as pensionists in Germany. The red parrot is Douglas and the blue is Gojan.

I also saw a lot of snakes, lizards, small monkeys, turtles, a few…

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