With eyes sensitive for green

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DSC_8168 Lush green grass and bushes along the street.

Summer has arrived and it has been warm and sunny all week. It seems I come to think a lot about songs lately. In the beginning of the week I took the picture of the lush green grass and bushes along a street with old willow trees and  I came to think of a song sang by Swedish singer and songwriter Barbro Hörberg: With Eyes Sensitive for Green. I found a clip on YouTube with Barbro Hörberg singing the song and inserted it below. Barbro Hörberg also wrote songs for the big Swedish singing star Lill-Babs. Swedish text for the song here and my translation below the Youtube-clip.

The pictures comes from Malmö in Sweden. I share this post with Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday and Today´s Flower.

DSC_8226 The squat tower of Malmöhus Medieval castle where the fourth Earl…

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