Exploring in my garden

The weather the week that has gone. Please remember all pictures usually don´t show up in the reblog! Happy weekend!

Weekly Weather

Yellow flower found in the grass. Yellow flower found in the grass.

The days are still warm with temperatures up to 29 degrees Celsius, changing between full sun and overcast.

I am exploring my garden and spying on the insects. The yellow flower is probably from a meadow seed mix I sowed a few years back. I also found two wasp-like insects in a bluebell and the mullein flowers are preparing to emerge from the green folds of the tall flower stalk.

Thursday I had an errand in Lund and took the opportunity to photograph Kungshuset – The King´s House. The house was built for the governor of the county in the 1500s when Scania belonged to Denmark and the king stayed in the house when he visited. It was head building of Lund university from the 1600s and was used by the university as lecture rooms from the 1950s and still in use by the faculty of philosophy…

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