The tramway of roses

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Boring Postcards

1950s houses along Linnégatan in Limhamn. 1950´s houses along Linnégatan in Limhamn.

A quite ordinary street with typical apartment houses from the 1950s. They were usually of a good standard with indoor hot and cold water, toilets, central heating and  for the time modern kitchen and bathrooms. Doesn´t look to exciting to look at but are typical for their time. The first houses of this type were probably built in the 1940s after the war and I know they were built as late as in 1960. Many of the houses were built in yellow brick but now and then also of red brick. This part of town is considered a good part of town with a mix of apartment houses like these, row houses and villas and fetch a good price on the market today.

The street is Linnégatan in Limhamn and the mats in the middle of the street covers the roses planted there. Along…

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