Midsummer week

The weather this week!

Weekly Weather

Grey weather along Rudbecksgatan. Grey weather along Rudbecksgatan.

It is midsummer week and the weather has been changeable between grey and rainy, overcast and at last sun. The night before midsummer eve thunder and a pouring rain arrived but midsummer eve has been sunny and hot. Midsummer Eve is the longest day of the year and is celebrated by raising maypoles dressed with leaves and flowers. Nowadays it is of course celebrated on the nearest friday in the week as the 21rd of June that is the midsummer eve was on tuesday when the sun set att ten o´clock and dawn was at half past four in the morning, that is night lasted six and a half hour in Malmö where I live. So midsummer eve is celebrated today and tomorrow everybody will be tired on midsummer day.

I usually photograph a midsummer bouquet on midsummer eve and plan to do that today as well. So head to

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