Monthly Archive: July, 2016


The original photograph is taken on the go in pouring rain in the shopping district in Gion, Kyoto,  drenched by rain  in april 2103. Converted to black and white in Lighroom.


Today’s world is much about connecting, both social and abstract connections in cyberspace and literal connections as in these pictures from my commuting life on buses, on trains and waiting for them. These… Continue reading

Memorial in Korankei

A stone with an inscription in Korankei in Japan. Korankei is famous for its beautiful autumn foliage and is gorgeous with the lighted woods in the evening.  More pictures on  Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag.

Shared journey to London

In 2014 I visited my daughter in England and we agreed to go to London. My daughter had at that time lived for several years in England but hadn´t been there and I had been there… Continue reading

Mural by Natalia Rak in old town Malmö

  I came across this mural painted by Natalia Rak in the western part of old Malmö. In Borås there is a magnificent mural by her as well which I photographed while living… Continue reading

Fly in pale yellow flower

Bending over a beautiful flower with my camera I got a bonus, a fly with wonderful detailed wings. More animal pictures at Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters.

Narrow streets

Walking through the narrow streets of old Malmö I catch glimpses of modern buildings. I am sharing this post  with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Narrow.

Malmö Live and World Maritime University

Originally posted on Boring Postcards:
The postcard this week is from this spring and features two buildings nominated to a architecture festival. The old tower house now housing the World Maritime university got…

Preening in the sun

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
A female mallard is enjoying the sun and preening itself in a pond in one of Malmö´s many parks. More animal pictures at Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters and…

Summer at last

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Blue sky in the old part of Malmö. After a rainy beginning of the week the weather turned to real summer weather. The pictures comes from Malmö in…