Newly picked and washed gooseberries


A Swedish writer born 1793 in Stockholm fled to the United States after charges of fraud. He had trouble earning his living and forged promissory notes. While abroad longing for home,  he wrote a poem about gooseberries. “Only Sweden have Swedish gooseberries”. His name was Carl Jonas Love Almqvist and he was more than a hundred year before his time. He wrote about a man and a woman living together without being married in 1839 while it only became common in the 1970s in Sweden to live together without marrying. He was a diligent writer and has his given place in Swedish literature history.  He died in Bremen in Germany in 1866.

The gooseberries are sweet and ripe in my garden now. I picked them and washed them and put them in a bowl in the kitchen to snack on. To see a picture of the berries at on the bush the end of May head to Weekly Weather and have a look.