Mural by D*Face in Holma, Malmö

DSC_1884Sometimes when things happen in the town one live in it can pass by without you noticing it. In 2014 there was an Artscape festival in Malmö with people from all over the world painting murals in Malmö but I didn´t notice. It wasn´t until I came to Borås my eyes were opened to murals as the were a very prominent part of the townscape and there also more paintings being done during the time I lived there. And another factor was that I didn´t move in Malmö where the paintings were done at the time so I didn´t see the environment on a daily basis. Thanks to my son for a short car trip to look at the murals of Holma, a suburb in Malmö with highrise buildnings that doesn´t lie in my usual path. I had planned to go look in this spring but got a new job and trips outside my usual paths were cancelled. This mural is painted in 2014 by D*Face from England.

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