To show kindness to outcasts

Boring Postcards


The postcard this week is from Kirseberg in the east of Malmö, on the hill where the witches were burnt. I always sort of thought this was were there were gallows but during my research for a post on Weekly Weather last year I came to realize that the gallows were either close to the beach in medieval times and later closer to the city. Not much on Wikipedia or internet on the witch burnings in Malmö, though there is quite a lot about the other witch burnings in Denmark and the witch hunts in Sweden. Malmö belonged to Denmark until 1658 so it may be that those that write on Wikipedia aren´t interested in something they don´t feel is proper Danish history or proper Swedish history. Anyhow I got a book from the library by a local historian written in 1915 and had a peek in it. The witches in…

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