The week before Christmas

Weekly Weather

Christmas decorations in a window. Christmas decorations in a window.

Last week before Christmas has been a grey december week with a touch of rain and as I write the day before Christmas Eve it is sunny. The weather services has promised stormy weather though. I don´t know if it will start on Christmas Eve or if it comes on Christmas Day. I hope for good weather for all those that travel during these days.

This week I managed to catch a little day light from the Christmas Market on Gustav Adolfs Square. On my way home I also managed to visit the world famous mouse restaurant surrounded by excited children and their parents. Of course the pictures from the mouse restaurant is dark but I hope it will still be there when the days will be longer so I can photograph in daylight as well.

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The roundabout is resting during the day as the children usually come with their parents after work. The roundabout…

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